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Art project brings residents and college students together

Westminster Seminar “College Collage” students have the opportunity this fall to embark on a collaborative journey with residents of Fulton Presbyterian Manor to help them find peace within art, thanks to a grant from Missouri Campus Compact. Read an article about the project.

Art is Ageless“This art collaboration project will allow students to learn stories of people’s lives and empathize with others in the community whose lives are different than their own,” said Therese Miller, who submitted the grant proposal and leads Westminster’s Department of Exercise Science. “Through experiences such as these, students stretch themselves to learn more about their abilities and skills, the types of community partnerships that they can develop now and later in life and the professional careers that are possible.” read more

Just Ask about Medicare Part D

Fulton Presbyterian Manor hosts free session

just askD is for drug. Medicare Part D is a government program to help seniors with the costs of prescriptions. Everyone on Medicare is eligible to participate. Part D plans are available through insurance companies or entities approved by Medicare. The cost and drugs that are covered differs, so it pays to do your homework.

That homework just got a lot easier, thanks to Fulton Presbyterian Manor. An expert will be on hand Sept. 30 to explain the program and answer questions at a free presentation. “Explore Your Medicare Part D Options” at Fulton Presbyterian Manor and you’ll come away with seriously valuable information. read more

65th Anniversary: 1970s bring continued expansion

Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America: Celebrating 65 years of the art of life.Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America is celebrating 65 years of providing quality senior services guided by Christian values. Each month we take a look back at our history with a new story.


Wichita, Kan., Presbyterian Manor opened on West 13th Street. The dedication Sept. 19, 1970, was the culmination of more than two years of planning and construction. Also that fall, the apartments in Topeka were completed.


A new Presbyterian home for seniors was constructed and opened in Fulton, Mo., in 1971. read more

Employee finds missing family after 50 years

It took 50 years for Audrey Ray to find her missing family.

It took 50 years for Audrey Ray to find her missing family.

What’s it like to find family you always knew you had? Audrey Ray, restorative aide at Fulton Presbyterian Manor, knows.

Audrey had looked for her missing father and his family since childhood. But it wasn’t until she had access to Internet archives and social media that she was able to find information about him. With information from Audrey’s now-deceased mother, Ella Steward, Audrey’s friend and fellow coworker Jeff Young searched online and discovered that Audrey’s father had passed away in 2007. Garland M. Steward III’s obituary confirmed the information Audrey had from her mother; it also listed the names of her long-lost siblings: Ramon, Maurice, and Lindale. read more