Monthly Archives: November 2014

County commissioner honored to help with Honor Flights

Doc Kritzer is well-known in Callaway County for many reasons. Primarily, he’s a county commissioner, but he’s served in a variety of other service roles, including as volunteer for the county fire department for several decades. One way Doc has served his community, however, may not be as well-known.

“The Central Missouri Honor Flight group has gone on 29 flights. I’ve been a volunteer escort on 11 of those,” said Doc. “I was inspired to start volunteering by my daughter, who’s an Air Force flight nurse out of Dayton, Ohio, where the Honor Flights originated. I also do it in memory of my own father, who fought in WWII.” read more

All hands on deck to ConKerr cancer

Nearly a dozen residents turned out for the ConKerr Cancer sewing project. Everyone pitched in to help make pillowcases for kids with cancer. Founded in 2002 by Cindy Kerr, ConKerr Cancer began as a way for this mother to comfort her son who had been diagnosed with cancer. From there, it grew to a nationwide effort called A Case for Smiles.

Thousands of ConKerr Cancer volunteers have brightened children’s lives by simply sewing a pillowcase. As a result of their love and generosity, ConKerr Cancer has delivered more than 950,000 pillowcases. read more

Lifestyle changes hold the key to preventing Alzheimer’s

We now have a prescription that researchers think can delay or prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s not a pill, it’s a list of lifestyle choices. Results from a landmark study announced this summer show that having a healthy lifestyle may be the key. It’s a recipe, or cocktail, of several factors.

“It’s the first time we have been able to give people a kind of recipe for what is useful,” said Maria Carrillo, vice president of medical and scientific relations at the Alzheimer’s Association. read more

65th Anniversary: New decade, new locations, new services

Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America: Celebrating 65 years of the art of life.This month, we continue to look back at our history as Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America celebrates 65 years of the art of life.

The 1980s brought growth in independent living options on many Presbyterian Manor campuses. New duplexes and apartments were constructed in Parsons, Lawrence, Wichita and Salina. It also brought construction of two new campuses and health care additions at the Wichita and Rolla campuses.

By early 1980, the United Presbyterian Foundation of Kansas’ joint project with the Manhattan Retirement Foundation was open. PMMA continued to provide management services for the new Meadowlark Hills until July 1, 1981. read more