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Pork dinner benefits seniors

shutterstock_508882633A barbecue pork and brisket dinner April 29 will benefit Fulton Presbyterian Manor’s Good Samaritan Program. The event includes a silent auction and musical entertainment by Gary and Suze Durk.

The Good Samaritan Pork Dinner and Silent Auction will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church fellowship hall, 718 Court St. Tickets are $20 per person for a pulled pork and brisket dinner.

All proceeds go to Presbyterian Manor’s Good Samaritan Program, which benefits residents who have outlived their financial resources. read more

Art is Ageless® winners announced

Wanda Wickell brought home a Best of Show award in the amateur division for her painting “Alley Spring Mill.”

Wanda Wickell brought home a Best of Show award in the amateur division for her painting “Alley Spring Mill.”

Fulton Presbyterian Manor recently hosted a reception for the winning artists in the annual Art is Ageless® juried competition.

“We are honored to exhibit artwork by seniors,” said Keri Edwards, marketing director. “Art is Ageless is unique in featuring only the works of artists age 65 and older. Our artists prove that art, in any form, is an ageless ambition.”

Winners in the Fulton Presbyterian Manor Art is Ageless juried competition were:

Best of Show (amateur): Wanda Wickell, “Alley Spring Mill”
Best of Show (professional): Ruth Horton, “Snow Geese”
People’s Choice (amateur): Betty Colleen Brown, “Quilt”
People’s Choice (professional): Ruth Horton, “Bambi and Thumper”
Drawing (amateur): Nancy Lewis, “Metcalf Home”
Drawing (professional): Carol Bramon, “Vegetable Soup”
Fiber Arts (amateur): Velma Jurrus, “Crochet Necklace”
Mixed Media/Crafts (amateur): Barbara J. Call, “Winter Owls”
Mixed Media/Crafts (professional): Nancy West, “Gold Designed Box”
Needlework (amateur): Betty Colleen Brown, “Hand-Embroidered Tea Towels”
Painting (amateur): Richard McKinney, “Arabian Dream”
Painting (professional): Ruth Horton, “Bambi and Thumper”
Photography (amateur): Carol Bramon, “Reflections”
Quilting (amateur): Alma Hoffmann, “What a Whirl” read more

Honoring administrative professionals

IMG_0281-2Ask anyone who’s been in a workplace, and they’ll tell you the heart of the organization is often the administrative professional. Mostly behind the scenes, they keep things running smoothly, making it easier for everyone else to do his or her job.

We’re honored to recognize our Administrative Services Director Bonnie Russell this month, with Administrative Professionals Day celebrated on April 26. She’s been at Fulton Presbyterian Manor since December 2016, and she brings with her a lifetime of service experience in both the workplace and community. read more

Making a memoir a reality

At 87, she wrote her life story and created a family treasure

By Edmund O. Lawler for Next Avenue


When my mother was a teenager, she got to meet the most famous athlete of the 20th century.

It was 1947. Babe Ruth, by then stricken with throat cancer, granted my mom and her sister a private audience in the beautiful Manhattan apartment he shared with his wife, Claire. The girls, accompanied by their mother, were awestruck as the now-retired Sultan of Swat autographed photos and chatted amiably with them about baseball in a painfully raspy voice. My mom didn’t have the heart to tell the Babe, who would die a year later, that she was a fan of her hometown Chicago White Sox. read more

Your plain English guide to investment jargon

Definitions of 5 stock market terms you’ll want to know

By Jack Fehr for Next Avenue


Credit: Thinkstock

As the stock market continues its gyrations, now is a good time to buy an investment with a favorable NAV and alpha that keeps on giving while reducing beta.

Got that?

If not, don’t be embarrassed. Investment companies and financial advisers love to load up their materials with this kind of jargon. Too bad they don’t just say something like this (a plain-English translation of the first sentence in this article): “You might want to buy an investment that is likely to grow faster and experience less risk than alternatives.” read more

Achieving your dreams after 60

The authors of ‘Senior Wonders’ on the 3 P’s for Triumphant Aging

By Karen L. Pepkin and Wendell C. Taylor for Next Avenue

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Thinkstock

The media abounds with negative views about the impact of aging on physical, cognitive, and financial well-being. In fact, there are entire industries that have emerged to counteract the effects of aging — nutritional supplements, hormone treatments, surgical improvements, lotions, potions, and the like. They all seem to underscore Bette Davis’ famous quote, “Old age is no place for sissies.”

What if there were another point of view? What if aging brought about, not decline but our greatest accomplishments? What if we looked at aging as Dr. Christiane Northrup does? She tells us that “getting older is inevitable, but aging isn’t.” read more

Don’t let fear stop you from end-of-life planning

It’s natural to procrastinate, but make this a priority for your loved ones

By Debbie Reslock for Next Avenue

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

When I was in my early 20s, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. It felt like a one-two punch, since my dad had died unexpectedly a few years earlier. Although Mom tried chemotherapy, the results seemed to suggest that this was going to end badly, which it did — less than six months later.

During that time, her life became a mere shadow of what it once was. And yet no one, including her doctors, myself or my mom, ever talked about what was happening.

Only in the last few days did her doctor suggest to me, not her, that we were reaching the end of this painful road. And then he asked if I thought she’d be more comfortable at home or in the hospital. I remember how angry I was, unprepared to make this decision and wanting to scream, “Why are you asking me?” But of course when I got older, I realized the real question was why hadn’t any of us asked her? read more

8 ways to give your investments a spring cleaning

Tax time is an ideal time to declutter your portfolio

By Kerry Hannon for Next Avenue


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Where I live in Washington, D.C., the pink magnolia trees are blooming, and the daffodils are intensely yellow and screaming springtime — just in time for the first day of spring, Sunday March 20.

It’s time to get out in the backyard to tackle garden cleanup… right after I finish my taxes this weekend. Which brings me to a more prosaic chore: Spring-cleaning is also time to clear out the clutter in my financial life, particularly my investments. And I think you should, too. (I’ll tell you how shortly.) read more