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Music & Memory project coming to Presbyterian Manors


Few things are more personal than our musical tastes. Favorite songs trigger rich memories and influence our moods. That’s why social worker Dan Cohen launched an effort in 2008 to bring individualized music to residents in long-term care.

Cohen founded the nonprofit Music & Memory, which provides residents in long-term care with iPod personal music players that are loaded with each recipient’s favorite songs.

Kim Fanning, senior vice president education and training for Presbyterian Manors, said all of the PMMA communities are taking advantage of the opportunity. Training sessions for employees took place in July and the program will begin this fall. read more

Giving is a hallmark of PMMA’s history

We often recall the story of Alice Kalb, who at 90 traveled to a 1947 Presbyterian Synod meeting to ask for a retirement community in Kansas.

According to Edwin Shafer, senior vice president of development, what Mrs. Kalb basically told the Synod was: “If I give you all that money I have, will you build a home for the aging?” Her heart-felt offer symbolized the plight of a growing number of elderly in need of the church’s help. Kalb’s initiative led a farmer from Wakarusa, Kan., to bequeath his farm to the new project. The sale of that land provided the funds to buy the building that would be Newton Presbyterian Manor. read more